About Us

Our Restaurant

Our unique restaurant’s name was inspired by the cities that Wole and Ekachai grew up in, synchronising the energy and spirit of two people from different backgrounds to create a unanimous entity.

Head Chef

Head Chef, Ekachai Jitmano was born in the South of Thailand and has been in the culinary industry for over 25 years. Travelling around Dubai, Kuwait and Thailand, Ekachai has a wealth of experience and appreciation for authentic, traditional cuisine.

Following his motto, a timeless adage; “food cooked with love”, Ekachai aims to create authentic Thai dishes, honing in on his legacy and providing a memorable dining experience.

Our Owner

Restaurant Owner Wole was born in Nigeria with a love for Thai cuisine.

Having dined at various Thai restaurants around the United Kingdom, Wole’s appreciation for the internationally renowned cuisine launched his passion and desire to open his own restaurant, reflecting the unique qualities of Thai culture and food, whilst adhering to his Nigerian heritage.

It wasn’t until he dined at popular Thai restaurant – Jub Thai – that he met Ekachai Jitmano who would later become his business partner in opening Manchester’s newest Thai eatery; 2Nakhon.